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The New Touchscreen Smart Mirror

It looks like a reflective mirror, but has full tablet functionality. Follow a Makeup Tutorial side by side with your reflection, listen to Spotify or even watch Netflix in fullscreen!

Mirr Modern Makeup Room

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Touchscreen Smart Mirror Mirr Developed by Jack O'Regan Kenny and Alice ShaughnessyMirr Touchscreen Smart Mirror Mirr Developed by Jack O'Regan Kenny and Alice Shaughnessy

The next generation of

The Next Generation in Mirrors


Our unique touchscreen allows you to tap, drag, drop and scroll your apps just like you would on any smart device.

Easy to use

Mirr offers a familiar experience, with a wide range of apps including anything from YouTube to Twitter!

Crystal Clear Screen

We use the clearest mirrored glass and screen combination so that you can make sure your appearance is flawless

Always Innovating

Mirr is constantly being developed. We hope to integrate systems over time to improve your experience at every task, from your makeup to your calendar

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Designed by the User

You asked and we listened. At Mirr, we have developed our product whilst constantly receiving feedback from you, the user, so it meets all of your needs.

Exquisite Design

Mirr has a classic, hand-crafted wooden frame. This bespoke frame is designed to blend seamlessly into your home as a discrete piece of home decor.

Plug n' Play

Mirr is as easy to set up as a new smartphone! There is one charging cable that can be detached and stored separately from Mirr. Simply download your favorite apps and get streaming content!

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Meet the team

Jack O'Regan Kenny


Jack is an 18 year old engineering student in Technological University Dublin. He has experience with product engineering consultancy and CAD projects. He has received awards in tech as well as a national award for enterprise.

Jack O'Regan Kenny


Alice Shaughnessy


Alice is an 18 year old engineering student at the National University of Ireland Galway. She has a passion for all things STEM. She has received several regional, national and international awards for engineering and technology projects.

Alice Shaughnessy



Some of what Mirr has been invloved in!

Info for the nerds

What’s behind the reflection? Magic? Even better. We can’t give away all our secrets yet but, here’s a sneak peek behind the touchscreen smart mirror.


Mirr use a highly efficient IPS, LED LCD. We have full 10 point touch with gesture recognition. We use a special glass, so that the screen is also a mirror, in case you didn’t know by now!

ARM Based

The aim is always to keep Mirr as efficient as possible. ARM based processors emphasize efficiency and reduce the heat per watt-hour consumed. It allows us to not require any moving parts such as fans.